All it takes is 30 minutes, 3-5x per week to simply improve your health and feel your best.


Strength Training + Cardiovascular Training = RESULTS.

The Simply Cardio® Circuit is designed to get you results in just 30 minutes. The workout program starts every time with a 6-minute dynamic warm up followed by a 24-minute circuit led by a certified personal trainer. The workout will target every muscle group safely and effectively providing you the perfect total body workout. Our circuit is strategically designed into an easy-to-follow 12-station circuit that alternates between functional strength exercises and self-powered cardio HIIT machines. The circuit timer sets the pace of the workout. The circuit is coached by a certified personal trainer who’s responsible to demonstrate, modify and motivate you every step of the way. With this unique combination of equipment and high energy coaching, you will simply achieve maximum results in less time.

"This is the perfect workout and its only 30 minutes!"
-Xuexu C.


At Simply Cardio®, we’re in it together. Our certified coaches are always there to help you get a safe and effective workout. They will demonstrate proper form for each exercise station, make modifications when needed, motivate you and safely push you to your personal best. Your results are everything, so believe us when we say that our coaches have your best interest at heart. Literally.


  • 30-Minute Total Body Workout
  • Simply Cardio® Certified Coach At Every Workout
  • No Appointments. No Set Class Times. No Wait.
  • Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Fit3D® ProScanner Technology